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Do you invest in remunerative commercial properties in Poland, such as shopping centres, usable areas, hotels, halls, storages, logistic centers, offices, manufacturing or industrial areas? Are you thinking of investing in commercial plots or dwellings?

Listed below are a few reasons why you should invest in properties in Poland.

1. EU membership of Poland.
History shows that all countries, which have acceded to EU, noted strong increases in property prices. The source of that situation are (among others) open borders, free flow of capital, prices equalize process, perspective of  Euro Zone admission and an increase in trust of the polish currency. As a result of this, Poland appeals to foreign investors and developers. Consequently, we notice massive increases of property prices in big cities such as Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw.

2. Public wealth increase.
People improve and grow rich. Wages are rising and allow people to buy their own property. Bigger funds in wallets and decisions of property purchase create demands superior to supply and price increases. 

3. Low cost of credits and easiness of gaining them.
Economic situation: low inflation, currency stability and decent GDP enable financial institutions to offer their clients cheap, and within their means, financial tools. Property investment funds derived from extraneous sources, using ?financial leverage? (mortgage, purchase refinancing or project finance) help us with increasing reimbursement.

4. Market potential.
The Polish property market is the biggest one in the midst of new EU members, which means it is the biggest market potential for investors, from within the country and abroad.

5. General migration.
The quest of improvement (including better earnings) effects the migration of people. As a result of that, sale decision, buying, renting or leasing is more determined.
Consequently, property market areas, demand for properties and service, enlarge.

6. Property market stability.
Property market is much more resistant to changes than other investment tools, such as shares, which are subject to sudden changes and even complete loss of their value.

7. Two types of profit.
Properties let us derive profits from two areas which is impossible to get from other investment tools such as shares. Investors get profits from property leasing and property value increases, which minimize investment risk.

8. Recapitulation. (don?t know this word?)
Demand superior to supply; people improvement and growing rich; good economic conditions; EU membership and low costs of mortgages ? these are symptoms of the upward property market trends. Now is the perfect timing for property investment, which has been noticed by both foreign investors, as well as being experienced at home.

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