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Property portfolio

We build property portfolios and financial source support. Investment projects are realized mainly on the basis of property type: existing commercial, service, office, store, hotel, or mixed use.

We offer advice when our clients are willing to purchase shares in properties or purchase/take over project finance.

We offer comprehensive transaction services:

  • compiling of property portfolios
  • assessment of  investment?s profitability
  • localization assessment
  • winning of purchase financing for investment
  • formal legal and financial audit
  • negotiation of contract terms and conditions
  • commercializing, division, property?s restructuring

4INVEST assists the client in the process of building of property portfolio and the development of commercial property funds as an alternative form of investment. Property investments offer a high rate of finance return but also diversify and limit portfolio value fluctuations.

4INVEST penetrates markets systematically. We are monitoring new trends and possibilities on property markets. Monitored areas vary in results, risk level, liquidity and capital and cost requirements. We make our clients aware of the importance of risk reduction and its meaning in the selection of different property uses, portfolio development and its far-reaching localization benefits.

Our support and analysis of the investor?s financial status and his chosen strategy helps our client to define his own profit/risk expectations and timing of chosen investment. 

ATTENTION ? property owners

In relation to intensive realization of few developments we encourage you to sell your commercial property (sale & leaseback also).

At the moment properties located in the centre of provincial capitals are a priority:

  • shopping centres, malls, galleries
  • tenements with shopping premises 
  • office spaces and storehouses

We would appreciate initial offers with attached description, maps, photos
and conditions of sale. Please, direct your information to our e-mail address: All properties which don?t require a change of use or commercialization will be endorsed within period of seven working days from date of receiving all required responses to our questions.

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